Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January: Knitting, Reading & Early Spring Cleaning

I'm working on a new blanket design this week.  I can't show too much of the design yet but I'm really pleased with how it's coming together.  I'm nearly finished knitting the blanket so I hope to be ready to share more details in the near future.

I'm using Lion Brand Hometown USA in the color 'Dallas Gray' for this new blanket.  Here's a sneak peek...seed stitch border for the blanket...

This week: knitting, reading & drinking hot tea.
UPDATE: The project above is my Over the Rooftops blanket knitting more about it on my other blog post.  What a pleasant surprise that it became one of my customer's favorite knitting patterns!

I often use favorite objects from around my house in my knitting photos.  In the photo above there's an old 8 oz. weight that brings back fond memories of going to antique fairs with my dad.  I include this weight in many of my photos...I just love the simple, round shape and the way it anchors the white background. The old mason jar has an assortment of buttons...some were my grandmother's. 

I've been reading "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain.  I highly recommend this book!  The section about the power of working alone and how it sparks creativity is especially interesting to me.  If you are an introvert, live with an introvert, work with introverts, are the parent of an should check out this book. (Just a coincidence that the book cover matches my yarn perfectly!)

Westport Blanket - an easy to knit blanket.
This month I'm also trying to get caught up on sorting through piles of stuff that accumulated over the holidays (and for months and years before that!). 

The photo above was taken in the now peacefully organized guest room in our house.  I painted this room last fall so that forced me to empty everything out of the room and carefully evaluate what would go back in. (Within the next couple months I hope to do the same to at least one other room!) 

The gray blanket in the photo is my Westport Blanket knit with Lion Brand Hometown USA in 'Dallas Grey'. I love how this soft, chunky blanket looks tossed at the end of the bed.  

And, in case you are wondering, the white duvet cover and pillow shams are from IKEA (purchased fall 2016).  I made the Peace Pillow when I designed my "Peace : Love : Home" pillow knitting pattern a couple years ago.  The pillow cover is knit with super bulky yarn. The letters are cut from felt and stitched on with DMC embroidery floss.  

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Happy knitting!  
Mary Lee
Fifty Four Ten Studio


  1. Hello Mary Lee, As an introvert I can stay for days alone (as long as I have enough yarn) and be perfectly happy. Maybe that's why I just bought the book, "Knit Your Own Boyfriend." As I checked google/amazon for this book I noticed that the author also gives a TED talk on it. I've not watched yet but will do so soon. Just thought I'd mention it if you've not already seen it. Thanks for more great stuff!

    1. Yes...I heard that there was a TED talk by the author. I still need to watch that! Thanks for the reminder. :)
      Happy knitting!
      Mary Lee