Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Quality Time - Easy Scarf and Blanket Knitting Pattern

I'm so excited to introduce my new easy to knit blanket and scarf knitting pattern for worsted weight yarn: Quality Time.

The Quality Time knitting pattern has instructions for five blanket sizes...plus two scarf sizes!

This design features a four row repeat pattern that is easy to knit.  This is a great pattern for any level of knitter, including a confident beginner.

Quality Time blanket and scarf knitting pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting and Craftsy.

Quality Time scarf knitting pattern by Fifty Four Ten Studio


For me, quality time includes time spent with my family, an afternoon enjoying a favorite hobby (knitting!), an evening by the fire reading a good book or a morning walk with a good friend.   Any day that has a bit of quality time worked into it is a good day!

I made my scarf with two skeins of Malabrigo Rios in 'Bobby Blue'.  I bought this yarn at a cute shop in Fairfield, Iowa called At Home Store.  They have a beautiful selection of kitchen, home and baby gifts...as well as a lovely selection of yarn!  This scarf will remind me of one of my favorite days of 2018 when I got to spend some quality time with someone special.

Quality Time scarf knitting pattern - it's reversible!

The Quality Time knitting pattern design is reversible!  The stitch pattern is almost exactly the same on both sides.


The Quality Time knitting pattern includes instructions for five blanket sizes, plus two scarf sizes.

Approximate sizes after blocking...

Scarf: 8.75" wide x 63" long
Wide Scarf: 11.25" wide x 65" long
Baby Blanket: 28" wide x 30.5" long
Small (Crib/Lap) Blanket: 30" wide x 32.5" long
Medium Throw: 34" wide x 36.5" long
Large Throw: 38" wide x 42.5" long
XL Afghan: 42" wide x 46.5" long

It is very easy to make any of the sizes longer by adding additional pattern repeats.  Each pattern repeat adds about .5" to the length of the project.

Quality Time blanket knitting pattern by Fifty Four Ten Studio
The pattern instructions include estimates of how much additional yarn is required to add length to each project size.

Quality Time blanket knitting pattern by Fifty Four Ten Studio
This blanket pattern is designed for worsted weight yarn.  

Amount of yarn needed for each size:

Scarf: 410 - 420 yards
Wide Scarf: 570 - 600 yards
Baby Blanket: 680 - 700 yards
Small Blanket: 750 - 780 yards
Medium Throw: 960 - 1000 yards
Large Throw: 1250 - 1300 yards
XL Afghan: 1500 - 1600 yards

If you prefer super bulky weight yarn, please click here to see my Game Time knitting pattern.
Solid color or a subtle variegated or hand dyed style yarn is recommended to show the stitch pattern best.

For the scarf, shown in blue below, I used Malabrigo Rios in the colorway 'Bobby Blue'.  This yarn is gorgeous!  I used two skeins for a 8.75" wide x 63" long scarf. 

Knitting my 'Quality Time' scarf with Malabrigo Rios yarn.
For the blanket, I used Shepherd's Wool Superwash Worsted from Stonehedge Fiber Mill.  The colorway is 'Lakeshore'.  I love how this blanket worked up in this pretty yarn.  Great stitch definition! 

Finishing my 'Quality Time' blanket with Shepherd's Wool Superwash Worsted

I used US size 9 knitting needles for my scarf and blanket.  Pick the needle size that works best for your yarn and knitting tension.  

Circular knitting needles are recommended for knitting a blanket in order to accommodate the large number of stitches. 

Straight needles may be used for either scarf size.


The Quality Time blanket and scarf is very easy to knit!  

You will need to know how to cast on stitches, knit and purl confidently, read a row by row knitting pattern, bind off stitches and weave in ends.  The two stitch techniques in this design are garter stitch and a K1, P1 repeat (like used for ribbing).

A couple of stitch markers (ring and clip-on style) are helpful for keeping track of the pattern.

Quality Time - easy scarf knitting pattern by Fifty Four Ten Studio

I highly recommend blocking the finished blanket or scarf.  It really improves the shape and appearance of the finished knitting!  Click here to see my blog post with tips on blocking.


Quality Time blanket and scarf knitting pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting and Craftsy.  

I loved knitting the Quality Time blanket and scarf.  Winter weather has arrived in Kansas City.  I know I'll love wearing my new Quality Time many days this winter!

Have a wonderful day!  Happy knitting!

Mary Lee
Fifty Four Ten Studio