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All These Places - New Blanket Knitting Pattern

It's so fun to announce my new blanket knitting pattern - All These Places.

All These Places blanket knitting pattern is designed for bulky weight yarn.  I loved using Lion Brand Yarn 'Color Made Easy' bulky yarn in the colorway 'Basalt' for this project.  More about the yarn below!

All These Places blanket knitting pattern is available on Ravelry. 

The pattern is also available on Etsy and LoveKnitting.

All These Places - blanket knitting pattern by Fifty Four Ten Studio
Lion Brand is offering a kit to make the All These Places blanket! The kit includes a printed pattern with instructions to make a large size blanket (41” wide x 48” long) and 5 skeins of Color Made Easy bulky weight yarn. Choose one of 4 colorways: Basalt (gray shown here), Shade (light icy gray), Alabaster (ivory) or Kombucha (chestnut brown).  I love the colorways that Lion Brand selected for this kit!  Click here to get more information and purchase the kit on the Lion Brand Yarn website.


All these places bring back fond memories from my childhood...memories woven together with love for the people who were there...

My grandparents' home...that inspired the name Fifty Four Ten Studio.  The house number was 5410.  They purchased the home when my mother was a girl.   I was very young when they sold the house but the memories are preserved through photos of cousins dressed up and posing by the front door.

My other grandparents' home...and the living room where we gathered and celebrated every Christmas Eve.

My childhood home...and the little room where my mother let me use her sewing machine anytime I wanted.  (She really didn't like to use the sewing machine so she was happy to let me use it!)

Stores in Kansas City's Brookside neighborhood where I grew up...especially The Dime Store where we shopped frequently.  I remember the wide selection of merchandise - toys, gifts, office supplies, greeting cards, seasonal decorations, household essentials, etc. - displayed floor to ceiling, the well-worn hardwood floors, the owner greeting us when we walked in the door, and buying our school supplies there every fall before the start of the school year.

All These Places - blanket knitting pattern by Fifty Four Ten Studio


The pattern includes instructions for six blanket sizes.  Approximate sizes after blocking:

Baby Blanket: 27.75" wide x 35" long
Small Blanket: 31" wide x 39.5" long
Medium Throw: 34.5" wide x 44" long
Large Throw: 41.25" wide x 48.5" long
XL Throw: 44.5" wide x 53" long
XXL Afghan: 51.5" wide x 62" long

It's easy to make any of the blanket sizes longer by adding additional pattern repeats.  Each pattern repeat adds about 4.5" to the length of the blanket.

The pattern includes estimates of how much additional yarn is needed to make each blanket size longer.

I made the Medium Throw which is about 34.5" wide x 44" long after blocking.

All These Places - blanket knitting pattern for bulky weight yarn.

Baby Blanket: 550 - 580 yards
Small Blanket: 690 - 730 yards
Medium Throw: 860 - 900 yards
Large Throw: 1150 - 1200 yards
XL Throw: 1330 - 1400 yards
XXL Afghan: 1850 - 1950 yards

Be sure to buy additional yarn if you plan to add length to your project.  Estimates for additional yardage needed to make each size longer are noted in the pattern.

This pattern may be used with slightly lighter weight yarns.  Select the needle size that gives the best appearance for your yarn and knitting tension.  To adapt for worsted or Aran weight yarn, follow the instructions for 2 or 3 sizes larger than you want the blanket to turn out.

Finished size and amount of yarn needed may vary depending on yarn choice and gauge...so buy some extra yarn just in case!

I used Lion Brand Yarn 'Color Made Easy' bulky weight yarn in the colorway 'Basalt'.  This bulky weight yarn has a lovely, light weight feel.  The stitch definition is fantastic!! I'm absolutely thrilled with the final appearance of this project.  This yarn is 100% acrylic, easy care and affordably priced. And, it's available in more than 20 pretty colorways. I really enjoyed knitting with it! (In fact, I've already started on another design using this yarn!)

All These Places blanket knitting pattern - work in progress.

The project is worked flat, back and forth on circular knitting needles.  Circular knitting needles are necessary in order to accommodate the large number of stitches for a blanket.

I used US size 10.5 knitting needles for my All These Places blanket.  Pick the needle size that gives the best appearance for your yarn and knitting tension.  The goal is to find the knitting needle that gives the best stitch appearance, without being too tight...or too loose.


highly recommend taking the time to block this blanket after weaving in the ends.

As you can see in the photos below, the stockinette stitch area between the garter stitch squares tends to pucker and look bumpy.  The knitting also tends to gather in at the center a bit.  Blocking removed all these issues!

I made the medium size blanket which measured about 28" wide x 43" long before blocking.  After blocking...the same blanket measures 34.5" wide x 44" long....the width changed by more than 6"!

Click here to see my blog post with lots of tips on blocking your finished blanket project.

Before blocking - center of blanket is bunched together.

Before blocking - the garter stitch border does not lay flat.
Recently, I've been using an old clear plastic quilting ruler to adjust stitches when blocking my projects.  I use the edge of the ruler to push the stitches into a straight line.

Using a quilting ruler to push stitches into a straight, even line.

This is an easy knitting project for a confident knitter.  The pattern is a 20 row repeat so it does require some attention to keep track of which row is being worked.  It's not hard...just not as easy as some of my other patterns. You will need to know how to cast on stitches, knit and purl confidently, change back and forth from knit to purl confidently, read a row by row knitting pattern, bind off stitches and weave in ends.


All These Places blanket knitting pattern is available on Ravelry.

It's also available on Etsy and LoveKnitting.


As February comes to a close, we're anxiously awaiting signs of spring here in Kansas City.  Spring flowers, watching Royals' baseball games, getting outside for an afternoon walk, knitting on the deck...all things to look forward to!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  Have a wonderful day!

Mary Lee
Fifty Four Ten Studio

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