Monday, November 7, 2016

New Blanket Knitting Pattern - "Stones in the Road"

I'm excited to announce my new blanket knitting pattern called "Stones in the Road".  I'm thrilled with how this pattern turned out!

The "Stones in the Road" blanket knitting pattern is now available on Ravelry, Craftsy, LoveKnitting  and in my Etsy shop.

Stones in the Road - Blanket Knitting Pattern
When I am working on a new pattern design I love thinking up name ideas as I knit.  I write down any ideas that come to mind and the names that don't get used are saved in a file for future patterns.  

The name for the "Stones in the Road" blanket knitting pattern was inspired by a beautiful fall day spent biking the Katy Trail in Missouri.  The trail was built on an old railroad right-of-way.  This trail is almost perfectly flat and is nicely maintained with a surface of crushed limestone. We biked 20 miles round trip between the towns of New Franklin and Rocheport.  

We were so fortunate to have a perfect day to get out in the country...biking along the long straight road lined with crushed stones..."stones in the road".  Coincidentally, I was working on knitting this blanket around the same time we biked the Katy Trail...the experience and the knitting pattern came together!

Stones in the Road - Biking on the Katy Trail

Old train tunnel near Rocheport, Missouri
This blanket is very easy to knit!  Use super bulky yarn for distinctive texture to make a cozy, chunky blanket.  

I used a few markers to keep track of the pattern.  Even though it's a really easy pattern it's good to have reminders of when to pay attention!

Markers are helpful for keeping track of the pattern.
I used Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in the color 'Mushroom'.  This yarn is available at Michael's Crafts.  This yarn is 50% wool and 50% acrylic.  It is very soft and is perfect for a blanket project.  One thing to keep in mind...this yarn is hand wash only.  The yarn is available in a lovely selection of colors.  I especially like...

'Fleece' - soft white
'Pewter' - soft gray
'Mushroom' - light tan
'Sea Storm' - medium grayish blue
'Sapphire' - great navy blue  
'Stone' - soft bluish gray
'Thunder' - dark greenish blue teal
'Claret' - a great 'Christmasy' red

This pattern will also work well with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick or Lion Brand Hometown USA.  I have made many projects with these yarns and both are available in a wide selection of colors.  If you would like a machine washable yarn...try Hometown USA.  

Also...I recommend solid color yarns so the texture of the pattern shows best.

Stones in the Road blanket - knit with super bulky yarn.
This pattern includes instructions for five blanket sizes.  Here's the approximate dimensions after blocking:

XL Afghan: 48.25" wide x 58" long
Large Throw: 40.25" wide x 50.5" long
Medium Throw: 36.75" long x 45.5" long
Small (Crib/Lap) Blanket: 34" wide x 38" long
Baby Blanket: 28" wide x 28" long

It is very easy to make any of the blankets longer.  The pattern includes instructions for adding additional length and estimates of how much additional yarn would be required.

Stones in the Road - Chunky blanket knitting pattern.
I love the texture of this blanket.  The pattern would work well in almost any home decor style. 

I recommend blocking the finished blanket.  This takes a bit of time but it really improves the appearance of the blanket.  Note: When I use Loops & Threads Cozy I did for this tan blanket...I find it best to dampen the blanket a bit but NOT soak it completely in water.  This yarn soaks up a lot of water and with a big blanket a full soak in water can make for a very heavy, stretchy wet blanket.  So...I just place the blanket in the kitchen sink and run water over it with the drain open so excess water can run out easily.  I do not fill the sink with water when blocking Loops & Threads Cozy Wool.  Just getting the blanket damp all over is adequate.  For more tips see my March 2016 blog post.

Stones in the Road - easy blanket knitting pattern.
More details on the "Stones in the Road" blanket knitting pattern available on Ravelry.  This pattern is also available on Craftsy, LoveKnitting and in my Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful day!  Happy knitting!

Mary Lee
Fifty Four Ten Studio

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