Saturday, February 8, 2014

Free Little Owl Knitting Pattern!

This project was supposed to be a hat….but somewhere along the way it became a little owl card.

Back in November, the plan was to make my almost teenage daughter a new winter hat to go with her new coat.  We picked out yarn at the craft store.  We talked about a simple design with a very tiny owl on the side because she loves owls.  Well...I never knit the hat.  I got distracted with other projects.   She’s been standing at the bus stop every day in the freezing cold without a hat.  I feel bad about that!

Even though I wasn’t making progress on the hat, I kept thinking about the little owl design.  I sketched out some ideas and cast on a few stitches.  Before I realized what had happened, I had knit a little owl shape, cut out some felt wings, eyes and a beak and stitched them onto the knitting with embroidery floss.   Just like “Frosty the Snowman”, the little owl came to life! 

Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft yarn in 'Gray Pearl',
red, ivory, soft blue & gray felt,
black, light gray & ecru DMC floss.
This cute little owl knits up really quick!  In my free knitting pattern, I’ve assumed you have basic knitting and sewing skills.  Tutorial photos are included in the pattern for any techniques which may be new to you.   

You’ll need a few supplies:  size 5 (US) knitting needles, 5-6 yards of worsted weight yarn, felt in desired colors, DMC  embroidery floss, tapestry needle, embroidery needle, & other basic crafting supplies.

Stitch the owl to a blank note card or folded piece of card stock and you have a cute handmade card for a child or grandchild, Valentine’s Day, a new baby or anyone special to you. 

Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft yarn in 'Winter Sky',
red, ivory & gray felt,
black, gray & ecru DMC floss.

You could also frame the owl in an inexpensive craft store shadow box for a cute wall decoration. 

Berroco Vintage Worsted 'Fondant' yarn,
gray, white & periwinkle felt, black, pink & light gray DMC floss. 
Or, turn the little owl into a hanging ornament by stitching two pieces of felt together, adding a little stuffing and braid three pieces of yarn for a hanger. 

Berroco Vintage Worsted yarn in 'Cracked Pepper',
gray, white, black & red felt,
black, white & light gray DMC floss.
You get the idea….there’s lots of ways you can use this little knitted owl pattern.

This owl pattern would be fun to do with a youth group (probably ages 12 & up with a little knitting and hand sewing experience).  Girl Scout leaders….this would be a perfect teen Girl Scout “OWLS” project! 

I haven’t forgotten about the hat for my daughter.  It’s on the knitting needles and maybe someday, before winter is over, I’ll finish her hat.

You can download my free owl knitting pattern on my Ravelry 5410Studio Shop.  Or, I’d be happy to e-mail it to you.  Contact me at:

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