Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Line Up Pillow Knitting Pattern - Lots of Stripes!

The Line Up Pillow knitting pattern is all about stripes.  I love stripes.  Stripes are classic and timeless.   There's something about the symmetry and balance of stripes.

The Line Up Pillow knitting pattern includes two (2) stripe pattern charts to knit pillow covers to fit 12" x 16" basic pillow forms.

The pattern also includes blank charts for you to design your own stripe patterns.

The first stripe pattern I designed was centered around my favorite color combination of navy and white.  This pattern has seven thin white stripes with wider navy stripes.  In these colors the pillow has a nautical, summery look.

Line Up Pillow Knitting Pattern - Quick & easy project!
I used Loops & Threads 'Cozy Wool' in the colors 'Sapphire' and 'Fleece'.  I use this yarn all the time because it is so soft and has a nice appearance at very economical price.

This pattern would look great in many color combinations.  For a modern look you could try black (or dark gray) and white.  For neutral decor it would look nice in soft light tan or light gray with white or ivory thin stripes.  How about red and white for Christmas?  Or...for a sports fan use favorite sports team colors.

The second strip design included in the pattern was inspired by all of the leftover bits of super bulky yarn in my stash.  I wanted to knit a pillow using all of these colors but I wanted it to look organized.  I came up with a design chart for 13 stripes in equal widths.  I placed all of my yarn options on the floor and tried out different arrangements for the colors  Then I arranged the colors in the order I wanted to use them in my striped pillow.

Line Up Pillow knitting pattern includes two stripe design charts.
I ended up using one or two neutral colors twice in this sample.  Most of the yarn in this sample is either Loops & Threads 'Cozy Wool' or Lion Brand Wool-Ease 'Thick & Quick".  I still have a lot more odds and ends so I can make another version with the stripes in a different order!  (You may have noticed that I'm addicted to designing and knitting pillows!  I'm sure I can find a spot for one more pillow in the house!)

This is a very easy pattern!  Great for beginning knitters or experienced knitters who want a quick project.  

The pattern is knit flat in one piece with two needles and seamed.  If you prefer, this pattern can be knit in the round.  Cast on the same number of stitches indicated in the pattern.  Join and knit all rounds following the stripe chart of your choice. Be sure to mark the beginning of the round to make sure you start and stop stripes at same point each time.  (This pattern is geared towards beginners, as well as all levels of knitters.  More advanced knitters may prefer knitting in the round and more advance finishing techniques.)

You will need to know how to cast on stitches, knit and purl confidently, bind off stitches, weave in ends and sew up simple seams.  If you have not sewn up seams before, there are detailed photo illustrated instructions in the pattern.  My patterns include lots of detailed directions to walk you through every step of the finishing process.

Detailed finishing instructions included in the pattern.
If you are wondering how much yarn you need for these pillows....plan on about 220 - 235 yards total.  

For the two color stripe pattern (navy & white version above) you will need about 170 yards of the main color and 60 yards for the thin stripe color.  

For the multi color pattern (where each of the 13 stripes is a different color) you will need about 17 yards for each stripe....with the first and last stripe needing about 24 yards to allow for casting on and sewing up seams.

Grab your stash yarn and start knitting!  (I promise not to tell if you buy new yarn to knit these striped pillows!)

The Line Up Pillow knitting pattern is available in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry.

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