Monday, April 21, 2014

The Parkway Pillow Knitting Pattern – New!

I designed this knitted pillow for my mother to give to her for Mother’s Day.  I never expected it would quickly become my most popular knitting pattern! 

The Parkway Pillow Knitting Pattern
I posted The Parkway Pillow knitting pattern on Ravelry late last week.  I am so appreciative of the warm, enthusiastic reception my pattern received from the knitters on Ravelry!  You will also find this pattern on Etsy, Craftsy and LoveKnitting

If you are interested, here’s the story behind “The Parkway Pillow”….

While I was painting our kitchen a few weeks ago I had plenty of time to think about future knitting projects.  One of the ideas I was thinking about was knitting a pillow for my mother for Mother’s Day.  My idea came together pretty quickly and I put down the paint brush and made a quick, simple sketch in my journal. 

When I had time to sit down with the yarn and needles, I fine tuned the drawing and made some calculations.  I knit the first few rows and it didn’t look quite right.  I ripped it out and started again with a slightly different pattern.  Within about 10 rows of knitting the second attempt I knew I had the pattern to match my original sketch.  It was so fun to see my pillow turn out the way I had envisioned it weeks ago when I was painting the kitchen.

I liked the finished pillow so much I decided I would give it to my sister-in-law for her birthday and now I’m knitting another one just like it for my mother.  (However, it won't be a surprise.  I had to tell my mother that her Mother's Day gift has become very popular!) 

With size 13 needles and super bulky yarn it doesn’t take long to knit this pillow!  This is a quick and easy knitting pattern which makes it great for last-minute gifts.

This pillow makes a great gift for birthdays, Mother's Day, weddings or Christmas.  Pick a neutral color yarn and the pillow will fit in nicely in many decorating styles.  If you are interested in learning more about “The Parkway Pillow” knitting pattern, visit my Etsy shop or my Ravelry shop.  

The Parkway Pillow looks great with many decorating styles.
I considered a number of names for this pattern and my son helped me decide on the final name…."The Parkway Pillow".  We agreed the stitch design reminded us of Ward Parkway, a major street here in the Kansas City metro area (we live in a suburb of K.C.). This historic boulevard has one-way streets on each side of a wide grassy parkway.  The parkway is enhanced by a number of old fountains and statues and many beautiful trees.  Ward Parkway is simply one of the most beautiful streets in our city.

Ward Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri

Meyer Circle - a landmark fountain on Ward Parkway

Pond & small fountains on Ward Parkway in Kansas City.
August 2016 Update: 
I made The Parkway Pillow using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in this lovely icy blue shade called 'Glacier'....I love it!  Read more about it on this blog post.

The Parkway Pillow knitting pattern in 'Glacier' blue...I love it!
Thank you for reading!  Have a great day!

Mary Lee
Fifty Four Ten Studio

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