Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Welcome to the Fifty Four Ten Studio blog!  Little things to knit, stitch and craft.

My goal is to share project ideas, techniques and photos which will inspire you to create.   Whether you are making a gift or looking for a project to do with your children or a youth group, I have lots of ideas to share.  Some projects will have photos and info in the blog post, occasionally there will be a free pattern you can download (check out the “Ole the Owl” pattern!) and more complex patterns are for sale through my Etsy store.

At the recommendation of my husband, I’ve been slowly reading a book by Louise Dickinson Rich called We Took to the Woods.  It is her memoir of living in the woods of Maine during the 1930’s.  Among other talents, she is a confident knitter.  She wonders why people say they can’t knit.  “I think the difficulty with people who can’t follow printed directions for knitting or anything else is that they try to understand them.  They read the whole thing through and it doesn’t make any sense to them, so they start with a defeatist attitude….they get discouraged…” 

I don’t want you to get discouraged!  For more my complex patterns, which I offer either free or for sale on my Etsy shop, I include lots of tutorial photos and break down the steps into an easy to understand format.  My e-mail address is included in my patterns so you can contact me if you need help.

Louise Dickinson Rich goes on to say, “You don’t have to understand the directions.  All you have to do is follow them; and you can follow them only one step at a time.”  A great life lesson….take it one step at a time.  I hope my blog will inspire you to try something new, try a new craft, learn how to knit or learn a new skill.

I had thought about setting up a blog for sometime but the task seemed a bit daunting.  There were a lot of technical aspects I did not know how to do.  Fortunately, I have two tech savvy children who are home from school due to a big snow storm!  Yesterday, they taught me how to use “HTML Code”, navigate Blogger, set up hyper links and so much more.  (My daughter even redesigned my blog banner in about three minutes!)  We took it one step at a time and I learned so much about setting up a blog….on a very snowy day here in Kansas. 

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