Monday, February 24, 2014

Finished knitting the hat just in time for the end of winter....we hope!

You may have read previously that I bought yarn way back in November with the intention of knitting a new winter hat for my teenage daughter.  We picked out the yarn together at the craft store.  We were drawn in by the very inexpensive price and the cute color that perfectly matched her new winter coat.   

Well, I got a little distracted with other projects and that hat was on the needles for much too long.  It's been one of the coldest winters in decades and the knitter's daughter has not had a hat to wear.  (The knitter's son doesn't have a hat either...need to work on that for next winter!)

It’s now February….hopefully close to the end of winter here in Kansas.  Last Friday, I finally finished knitting the hat. 

Maddy's Hat Knitting Pattern

The best part is she seems to like the hat!  As she put on her coat to go out the door to the bus stop this morning, I casually commented that it was a little cold and maybe (gentle nudge) she could wear the new hat.  I was prepared for a “no” or "not today" but she actually put on the hat and confidently headed off to school.  That made my day! 

Since the forecast says another “polar Vortex” is headed our way, she’ll have a few more days to wear the hat.

I’m planning to write up the pattern for knitting this hat.  I’ll let you know when it’s available!

Have a great week.

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