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Free Blanket Knitting Patterns
The Boulevard Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern
The Boulevard Blanket is a quick and easy pattern knit with super bulky yarn. The pattern has been updated to include instructions for 6 sizes!

Read more about The Boulevard Blanket here on my blog.

The Boulevard Blanket free knitting pattern is available on RavelryLoveKnitting and on Craftsy.

Here's another photo of The Boulevard Blanket....

The Boulevard Blanket - Free Chunky Blanket Knitting Pattern
For a lighter weight option...try my Meadow Lane blanket knitting pattern that is free every day on Ravelry, Craftsy and LoveKnitting.

Meadow Lane - Free Blanket Knitting Pattern
Read more about my Meadow Lane blanket knitting pattern on my blog.

Free Scarf & Cowl Knitting Patterns

Side Line Scarf - Quick & Easy Knitting Pattern
At first glance you might think that the Side Line Scarf is simply garter stitch.  Look again!  

The Side Line Scarf free knitting pattern is available on RavelryLoveKnitting and on Craftsy.

Side Line Cowl knitting pattern - quick & easy to knit!
The Side Line Cowl is quick & easy to knit with super bulky yarn. Read more on my blog.  

The Side Line Cowl free pattern is available on Ravelry, LoveKnitting and on Craftsy.

Two-by-Four Scarf - Quick & Easy Knitting Pattern
Click to read more about my Two-by-Four Scarf on my blog.  

This free scarf knitting pattern is available on Ravelry, LoveKnitting and Craftsy.

Free Owl Knitting Pattern

FREE Owl Knitting & Felt Applique Pattern
This cute little owl knits up really quick!  Add some felt appliqué for wings, eyes and a beak and stitch it to a note card and you have a very special greeting card. 

Ole the Owl knitting and felt applique pattern is available on Ravelry and Craftsy


  1. Hi Mary Lee,
    I just downloaded your pattern: Over the Rooftop" and last month "Boulevard Blanket." I want to thank you for your generosity, not just in providing the patterns, but also for all of your tips on the knitting and finishing up. Your ideas are really delightful. You and your design aesthetic are greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind, sweet message! I'm so glad to hear that you have enjoyed using my patterns and that the tips have been helpful. :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Mary Lee